Georgetown Cupcakes

Brother send some Georgetown Cupcakes please! 

Brother send some Georgetown Cupcakes please! 

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Cupcake Wars!!


I think I will be doing a Cupcake War within the following week. My mission is to find the best tasting cupcakes Miami has to offer. I know of a couple cupcakeries in Miami, but I want your opinions too. Give me recommendations of your favorite places even if they are not in Miami. My favorites outside of Miami are Red Velvet Cupcakery and Georgetown Cupcakes in DC. Ohh how I wish they had them here =/ Anyway, lets get the Cupcake War started!!

**My Yogurt War winner will be announced on Friday so stay tuned for that! 

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Amazing scones, Amazing cheesecake, and Amazing cupcakes = Happy stomach and amazing NY and DC summer trip! Nothing but the best for my little stomach =)

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